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Please share this with your clients a few days before the photography appointment. More preparation done in advance means more time shooting higher-quality photos to showcase the property's best features. Completing the following checklist before our arrival will result in the best photos, This will generate maximum interest from potential buyers.​

  • Ceiling fans turned off - interior and exterior.

  • All lights turned on with working, matching bulbs for interior and exterior.

  • All window treatments opened (curtains pinned back and blinds pulled up or to the side, not just rotated).

  • Personal belongings should be removed from view. This includes tv remotes, phone and device chargers, as well as items in the kitchen and bathrooms. Personal hygiene products and devices should be removed from the view of the vanity and in showers/bathtubs, etc.

  • Some tasteful decorations are good to display. Pops of the color show well. Fresh flowers in a vase, and fruit baskets on the breakfast table or kitchen counter are a nice touch. The same applies to bathroom vanities. A few pops of color will always help.

  • A few small kitchen appliances may be left on the counters.  

  • Bath and kitchen mats should be hidden. You want to show the floors as much as possible.

  • Hide all pet food and water bowls, toys, beds, etc.

  • Tidy up the front entry and patio areas as much as possible.

  • Trim back landscaping that blocks a clear view of the front door.

  • Turn on all pool features; fountains, blowers, etc.

  • No cars in driveway. Car should be parked 2 doors down prior to the photographers arrival. 

  • Photography sessions will go more smoothly if homeowners are not present.

  • All animals MUST be locked up Upon photographer arrival for appointment


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